MTV VMAs Are This Weekend and No One Knows

This is probably the first time in my life where I didn't even know the MTV Video Music Awards exist.

It's sad. This was one of the most hottest, music award shows on television. From the performances, the fashion and celebs. Back then, every celeb wanted to be part of the VMAs.

When the VMAs were scheduled to be on that weekday or weekend, you made sure you didn't miss it. Now, this year, 2017, it's almost like I forgot the VMAs were still around. And that's the first time in my life I thought that way. 

Me personally, I made sure I knew what date this award show was on. Even in the last couple of years when it's been really bad. 

Why hasn't the VMAs gotten any attention? 

Most of the reason is because it's predominantly for teens now. Now am I saying this because I've gotten older; am I now that older person who says: 'today's music sucks'. I probably am. 

But in the years I grew watching the VMAs in the 1990's, they always had mixture of everything. They always had a new, current and past artist that'd attended the show. Now the artists who attend the show are strictly high schoolers or white artist no one knows or cares about. 

Perfect example of the diversity it once had: I remember in the 2002 VMAs, when Guns N' Roses surprised everyone and closed the show. And that was in 2002! 

Even in the 1996 VMAs, the rock group KISS, closed the show. That was the first time in my life I saw KISS perform. 

And if you noticed, all the other music awards have copied off the old VMAs.

Now you see the Grammys bring an old group or old singer to perform. Even in the BET Awards; BET does a terrific job bringing back an oldie that entertains - not only the older folks, but the younger audience. The BET Awards isn't really a music award show, but it acts like one and it does job every year.

The problem with the Grammys is it's too conservative. And that's okay. But they need to mix it up. They need more fucked up lives to attend the show.

The VMAs use to have all that. That's why I grew up falling in-love with it; they had so much diverse people. The old VMAs was like the Grammys and BET Awards clashed into one, with a touch of rock n' roll. That was great television. 


Katy Perry hosting? Why? Why is she hosting? This is another problem. Back then, MTV had actually comedians host the VMAs. Perry is not a host or a comedian; she's a music performer. A real host, please! 

Pink receiving the Vanguard Award, is something I kinda like. Never been a big fan of her, but she's had some big songs and she's a true talent. Pink has been around for a long, long time and I think it's right for us to celebrate her work. 

As for the performers, it's pretty bad.

Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and Ed Sheeran performing are top names; even Shawn Mendes, who I think is very talented. 

The Weekend, whose performing, is a big talent but none of his songs this year have gotten my attention.

Why would I care about Miley Cyrus performing? Stop it already. Her and Katy Perry don't need to be here. 

Gucci Mane performing? Who the fuck is Julia Michaels?! 

Where's Jay-Z?! He had big album this year! He's someone people would rush home to go watch. MTV needed to find a way to get him performing 4:44 live, for the first time. They failed on that. 

How about French Montana? His song 'Unforgettable" is biggest song this summer. He's not performing that song on the VMAs? Are you fucking kidding me? 

I think the song "Despacito" sucks, but everyone else liked it. That song should be performed.

MTV needs stop reliving what fame is, by number of followers these morons have. I hope MTV realizes that half of those followers are robots. 

A lot of boring musicians who no one cares about, are performing. And that's why no one cares about the VMAs this year.