That Was a Bad Game by Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi played last night's game as if the Yankees have already clinched a playoff spot. 


He also played this game like the Wild Card spot is still sole possession. 

I'm never the one to bash on Girardi. He's done an incredible job with this young team; he truly has. But last night was one of those games where he always says: "if you have a chance to win a game, you do it" -- and he didn't win it. 

The Yankees were down 3-0 and came back to tie at three, then take a 6-3 lead into the 7th-inning. Girardi leaves Chad Green in for the bottom 7th and I understand how great Green has been, but you have to step on their throats and bring out your best relievers! 

This isn't a game against the Minnesota Twins! It's a game against the Red Sox - in AUGUST! And if we win this game we're only 3-games back. Oh and by the way, Chris Sale pitches the next game. 

You have to bring in David Robertson in that inning and maybe into the 8th.

Now, in that inning Green started, he does get the first out, then Sox catcher Christian Vazquez hits a single just over Didi Gregorius' head, that Gregorius almost makes. 

Once Vazquez gets that hit, Green should be gone. Again, like I said, I know how Green has been, but I know how easily and quickly runs can scored in Fenway Park. 

When Vazquez gets the hit, I'm bringing in Robertson - who didn't pitch last and should be fresh and ready to go. 

Maybe Girardi didn't want to bring in Robertson because he planned him to close the game. But he did say Aroldis Chapman would close this game. 

So if Chapman was gonna close this game, Robertson should've been out there in the 7th.

And if Girardi didn't wanna bring in Robertson 7th because he didn't want Dellin Betances pitching the 8th, since Betances threw 11-pitches the day before to close the Mets on Thursday, then that's idiotic. YOU HAVE TO BRING BETANCES IN THIS GAME! YOU HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME! 

Yankees can still take two-out-of-three in this series and be 3-games out of the A.L East, but today the Yankees will face Sale, with - a not 100% healthy - CC Sabathia on the mound. That is not a good matchup for the Yankees.

If the Yanks win that game last night, they're going into the Sale game with house money; of course you want to win that game, but it's not a must win. Now it is. Because if they lose this game today, they're 6-games out. And that's a very comfortable lead for the Red Sox. 

Tommy Kahnle coming into wild inning, is a move that I really don't blame Girardi for, because Kahnle is suppose to be one of the top arms in that bullpen.

But I do blame Kahnle in that Mitch Moreland at-bat, when he had Moreland in a 0-2 count and throws him a changeup at 0-2; yes, he did swing and miss in the dirt off that changeup at 0-1. Although Kahnle has got to challenge Moreland with the 97-mph fastball; at least try to make him chase high cheese. 

Kahnle can't throw that changeup at 0-2. That's like his third pitch in his arsenal. You have to throw your best pitch in that count, which is the fastball. 

Getting away from Girardi, I gotta say, Aaron Judge also costed the Yankees this game. 

Judge has the bases loaded with one out in the 7th, when they had a 6-3 lead and could've had more, but instead strikes out against Addison Reed. If Judge, at least, hits a sac-fly in that inning, it's 7-3. HE'S GOT TO FIND A WAY TO GET A RUN IN!

Listen, we all would've loved to see Judge hit a grand slam that inning, but you know what, his job is to keep the inning alive. I wonder if he gets to wrapped up in homeruns; which is why he keep missing on good pitches. Make solid contact; go the opposite way! Stop trying to hit homeruns! Especially a guy like him, he doesn't have to try to hit homeruns -- all he has to do is make contact and the ball goes 500ft.