This is why Yankees Love Aaron Hicks

We can't forget about Aaron Hicks being one of those genius trades, by Brian Cashman


 Talk about Hicks who isn't really a big name coming off the D.L and make an immediate difference to a team that's been nonexistent offensively and to be the reason why the Yankees win, is unbelievable.

When Hicks hits the two-run homerun in the bottom 8th, to make it a 3-2 deficit, everyone was thrilled, the whole stadium went nuts, every Yankee fan on Twitter was wilding out, but, the Red Sox still had the lead. Of course, 3-2 is better than 3-0, but still the Sox could easily get these three outs and the inning's over.

Even though the Red Sox still had the lead, it felt like something good was about to happen. On a night and couple of days of the Yankees being abysmal offensively, this two-run homerun by a our fourth outfielder made us believe we can win this game. 

Hicks gave this team life; he awoken the stadium; someone who was at the ballgame tweeted: they couldn't remember Yankees Stadium being this loud. That's saying something.

It was incredible what Hicks did tonight. One of those nights he'll always remember.