TBT: 1999, Joey Ramone as Guest on Conan O'Brien

Every time I see an old Conan O'Brien clip when he use to host from New York City, I wish he were still here. 

Not only I wish Conan was still in New York, I wish Joey Ramone were still here

Since today is Flashback Friday, I decided to pull out an interview on the Late Show where Conan had rock legend Joey Ramone, lead singer of the of the hall of fame band The Ramones, as his guest.

It's one of my favorites interviews because it's 'Joey Ramone' and Conan really enjoyed having him on because he was a big fan of The Ramones. It was also one of Joey's last interviews, since he passed away in 2001.

Joey and Johnny Ramone are my favorites and I really can't pick one between the two, because both have different qualities I like; Joey is a sweet guy who he and I had the same issues growing up and a kid. As for Johnny, he was a disciplinary, a tough guy and was a huge New York Yankee fan like myself. So I can never pick one between Johnny and Joey. 

This was a great interview. I wish Conan would've had the chance to get The Ramones to perform on his show.