Could Andy Pettitte Become the Next Yankee Manager?

Former Yankee, fan favorite, part of the core four, loves to coach - why not? 


There are other candidates that I'd like to manage the Yankees, but this name came to me to yesterday. Andy Pettitte

Now, stating the obvious why Pettitte would be great, like: he's a great clubhouse guy and he's winner. But the one thing I noticed about him is, he loved coming back to visit the Yankees.

I think some players don't wanna be bothered, after their career is over. Not Pettitte. In any type of Yankee event or capacity, he's always there. Either for Old Timer's Day or retiring a number or even just to come over to talk in the booth with the other broadcasters. 

Pettitte is at Yankees the spring training camp almost...every year. He loves to coach young players and even veterans - like C.C Sabathia.

He taught Sabathia how to throw the cutter and how to - in general - learn how to pitch with a diminish velocity. 

Pettitte has become very close friends with Sabathia. Pettitte is even relatively close with Yankees GM Brian Cashman

When Pettitte came back from retirement, it was Cashman who called him and said, 'you think you can do this?' 

Maybe Cashman will ask him the same question but this time, for a different role.