Three-Team Trade Idea: Knicks, Cavs, Bulls

In order to get Kyrie Irving traded to our beloved New York Knicks, we have to find a way to get LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to agree to play with each on the Cleveland Cavaliers and to have them stay there for at least two seasons. There's one solution and one player that could do that and that's figuring out a way to get Dwyane Wade traded to the Cavs.


Here's my trade proposal.

In order to get Irving traded to the Knicks, it'll have to be a three-team trade, that'll involve the Knicks, Cavs and Chicago Bulls.

Knicks would get: (CLE) Kyrie Irving, (CLE) Iman Shumpert

Cavs would get: (NYK) Carmelo Anthony, (CHI) Dwyane Wade, (NYK) Frank Ntilikina

Bulls would get: (CLE) Kevin Love, (NYK) Willy Hernangomez

Now, the one issue would be, would the Bulls accept a long-term contract like Love, who will get upwards of $22 million for next season, then $24-$25 million for the next two seasons. But Love and Wade's contracts match and Chicago would get younger.

Cleveland would let go of the $50 million off the payroll - which is Irving, Love and Shumpert - and would add $49 million from Melo and Wade and throwing in the rookie Ntilikina.

The Knicks would get Irving's $18 million and then add Shumpert's $10 million dollar contract, just to match Melo's $26 million dollar contract.

If LeBron and Melo can get Wade on the Cavs, that would enthuse both LeBron and Melo to play a full season in Cleveland to go after a title.

NOTE: I tried this trade on the ESPN trade machine - and it worked :)