Two Major Reasons Why Kyrie Irving to the Knicks Might Be Real

First of all, whose this Jordan Schultz!? And why is he the only person in the world who knows that the Knicks are discussing a three-team trade to acquire Kyrie Irving? IrvingKristpas

For us Knicks fans, are we headed to toward the greatest summer in recent history or are headed to another disappointment where we're all fooled.

As you may know about the news that broke Friday afternoon about Kyrie Irving asking the Cleveland Cavalier front office to be traded.

After that story broke like gang busters, another report comes out, that states the list of teams Irving would like to be traded to. The teams listed were: Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

Now, before I get to my TWO REASONS why Irving could very well become a Knick, let tell you why the other teams have a chance to not get Irving.

Heat: Nothing to give up, with only Justise Winslow to offer.

Spurs: Unless they're giving up Kawhi Leonard, they have nothing to offer.

Timberwolves: They have assets, but this team is set the way it is. They're NOT giving Andrew Wiggins the Cavs, so they can acquire a point-guard they don't need. They're set with their team.

Now here's the two main reasons why this situation is made for Irving to land in New York. 


We may know why, now.

At first, we thought the Knicks halted trade talks with the Houston Rockets to send Carmelo Anthony, because the Knicks wanted to have a "sit down" with Melo, to try to persuade to stay in New York.

Which, I found strange. Why would the Knicks stop talks with Houston, so they can have a sit with Melo to see if wanted to stay in New York, when they've made it publicly clear that they wanna get rid of him. Now all of a sudden they wanna keep him?

Was that "sit down" report just smokescreen, to cover up what the Knicks were really doing? Maybe - just maybe - the Knicks heard about Irving's unhappiness in Cleveland and said 'fuck the Rocket's offer, let's see if we can get Irving for Melo!'

Oh, and yea, isn't Cleveland a team Melo wanted to play for? Also it's a team where he can get to the NBA Finals a lot easier, than the Houston Rockets, where he probably won't even get to play in a western conference finals.

Last week, we all thought the Melo was a Rocket. We all thought the deal was done. It felt like such a done deal, I was just waiting for Melo tweet his column from Players Tribune with the title "Thank you, New York".

Then all of a sudden talks stopped. Just like that. I wonder why.


Let's be honest - the Cavs don't wanna trade Irving for Melo. They don't wanna trade a 25-year-old for a 33-year-old. But LeBron James might have a different mindset than us.

See, if the Cavs trade Irving for another young star, for an example: A Wiggins, Klay Thompson. Those guys are not gonna listen to Melo, the way Irving did. They're not gonna come here and be LeBron's little brother. And he knows that.

Also, a young star isn't gonna want be here, if LeBron leaves next season.

So he's gonna want one of his closest boys to come to Cleveland. Someone whose gonna be by his side, after what Irving did to him. Someone whose more of a veteran and will be more than grateful play with him. And perfectly, that player so happens to be Carmelo Anthony.

Sure, Melo isn't 25, isn't fast or a point-guard. But he is LeBron's perfect running mate. Perfect Scottie Pippen. You know, if you really look at it, Melo would be LeBron's perfect Pippen. He really is. If you look at pictures and videos of Pippen and Michael Jordan together, they're always happy, talking, having fun -- it's the same, exact way Melo and LeBron act together.

Playing wise, he's more perfect. LeBron would be looking for someone to put the ball in the basket and that's what Melo is all over. The prototypical passer with the prototypical scorer.

LeBron will pick loyal over youth.

And more likely, Melo would stay long-term in Cleveland, with LeBron, instead of young buck.

It's amazing how this situation sets up so perfect, for Irving to get traded to the Knicks. Melo wants out. Melo would prefer to go to the Cavs. The NBA Draft is over, which would've made it impossible for the Knicks since other offers would've been out there. Most offseason moves are done, with most teams have already done their moves; OH WAIT! There's one team that's suppose to make a deal that hasn't been done yet - the Knicks trading Melo! Again - I wonder why.