Why is an Injured Gary Sanchez Participating in the Homerun Derby?

The guy already pulled his bicep earlier in the season, he's now playing with a "lingering" groin - says the manager Joe Girardi - so why in the world is Gary Sanchez in the homerun derby? daspost

The Yankees, who are so careful with their players, decided, 'what the hell' let's put Sanchez in the homerun derby.  And for what!?

You would think the Yankees be more careful and considered about this team being healthy for the second so we can get into the playoffs. But no. They don't want one name appearing the derby, they want two.

The only Yankee I heard participating in the Homerun Derby, is Aaron Judge. Through this whole time they were waiting for his approval and all that crap. I didn't hear not one word about Sanchez being part of it; and rightly so, since he's a catcher who needs rest and - like I said - has already pulled muscles in his body, this season.

But when that day came where Judge announced he was gonna be in the derby, Sanchez jumped in and said: 'yea, me too! I wanna pull another muscle!'

I didn't even want Judge in it. I don't wanna NONE of my Yankee players involved in this. I want them RESTED and ready to go for the second half.

I guess the Yankees wanted another player participating, to have another names of theirs being mentioned and seen on national television. I understand it's a business. Yankees are trying to get the baby bombers known more. But Judge is enough. You don't need Sanchez as well, whose been injury prone this season.

Right now, Sanchez is dealing with a groin issue; Girardi even told Sanchez not to run hard to first base. If that's the case, why would you put in a pointless competition, where he's gonna need to use every part of his muscle to pull homeruns. It makes zero sense.

I really hope Sanchez loses in the first round.

I couldn't careless about the homerun derby. I'll be more excited to watch Judge and Sanchez playing in a A.L.C.S.