Porzingis & Melo Don't Wanna Win Championships; Klay for Porzingis?

Maybe Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis don't wanna play for Phil Jackson because they're not interested in winning a championship. daspost.png

After watching Jackson's live interview on the MSG Network, tonight, I've gone to realization that Porzingis and Anthony don't wanna become a championship team. Us Knick fans ramble and scream about the organization, when we aren't looking at the players who come here to play.

In this interview, when Jackson said in his 25-years of being in the league he's never seen a player come to an exit meeting - from all the players he's coached - that's alarming. That tells me a lot about Porzingis. Jackson, as a coach, had two of the most cocky, arrogant, jerkiest personalities to play for him, in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And they both played for Phil and won championshipS with Phil -- and loved him.

But this 21-year-old, who hasn't done squat, is gonna complain and hate playing under a coach who eleven rings and coached the greatest player ever?

I love Carmelo Anthony. I want him to win a title here in the worst way. But I have to be honest -- he's gotten several coaches fired in his career, hasn't done anything with the Knicks besides one deep playoff run that ended in the second round, and, he too, doesn't wanna play for Phil Jackson?!

Who do these guys think they are?

Do these guys realize that Jordan never won a title until Jackson coached the Chicago Bulls. Do they know that Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal never became the dominant tandem and champions, until Jackson began coaching the Los Angeles Lakers? And mind you, Bryant and Shaq HATED EACH OTHER and still won titles with them.

I think Porzingis and Anthony don't wanna become a championship team.

In order to win or become winners and win titles in the NBA, you have to buy into the system. Are they here to win or be in photo shoots, magazine covers and build brands.

Jackson is witnessing Porzingis become a fame monster and not a monster on the court. Jackson must know, from all his years of coaching, that if this kid misses important meetings but want to film an ESPN E 60 about his two season NBA career, he might become an issue -- or a bust.

I didn't think Jackson and the Knicks were really serious about trading Porzingis. When Jackson said "we like Porzingis but we have to do what's right for our club", it sounded like Jackson doesn't like this kid very much.

I guess owner James Dolan is giving Jackson the keys to the ship.

Now they have to trade Porzingis. Unless Porzingis apologizes and is all for what Jackson is preaching, he's got to go. That's a toxic environment to have Porzingis on the team after the team president is willing to deal you. Especially when he thinks a player isn't right for the club.

It's safe to say Jackson isn't here just for the money. He's trying to make things run right.


Yes, it sounds like a crazy, delusional trade proposal, but hear me out.

Klay Thompson might wanna become a star on his own team, soon. With Kevin Durant already winning a title for Golden State, there's no need for Thompson on the Warriors.

If the Knicks are gonna trade Porzingis, why not ask the championship Warriors for their great shooting guard, in Thompson.

First off, the Warriors may not need Thompson anymore with Durant there, I think Thompson might want to have his own team and the Warriors could use a young, athletic 7-footer to protect the rim. And Porzingis would be great in Golden State. Stephen Curry would open up the floor for him.

Jackson and coach Steve Kerr have a relationship with each other. They can make a trade like this happen.

Thompson would be great on the Knicks, who are in the east coast, where it'll be easy for him to win. A place where he can be a god, if he ever won a title.

If the Knicks have chance to trade a top talent like Porzingis, go for the big time. Go get Klay Thompson. If Jackson did that, I wonder if fans would continue to bash him.