Could Gary Sanchez Become the Long-term first baseman?

Could Greg Bird become the odd man out? daspost.png

With the news of Bird being shut down during his rehabilitation in the minors, due to right knee contusion.

Yankees might have to think life without Bird.  When I see catcher Gary Sanchez have these two-homerun nights where he basically single-handedly win games for the Yankees, I began to think maybe the Yankees should start protecting Sanchez for long-term.

What Sanchez can do with the bat, is the type of offense the Yankees want in the lineup everyday and for years to come. Sanchez and Aaron Judge can be a dominant 3-4 punch in the lineup for a very long time. Judge and Sanchez have already broke offensive records and haven't played a full season in the majors, yet.

But if the Yankees wanna make sure of that, they need Sanchez to be healthy and in the lineup every night, instead of not being in the lineup every night, since he'll need rest from being a catcher and not be nicked up from behind the plate.

So if Bird doesn't last long with the Yankees, maybe Sanchez should become the long-term first baseman.

Mind you, I still have high hopes for Bird. But we don't know if he's not gonna perform to his potential or will this injury keep him out of action for prolong amount of time.

Having Sanchez at first base will save him from being battered and bruised and missing games due to rest, where his bat is needed every night.

With Sanchez at first, manager Joe Girardi is gonna pencil him in the lineup every night. As a catcher, Sanchez misses about eight to ten games a month. You don't want a big bat like that missing that many games; like I said, he's a game changer.

If you're the Yankees, you want Sanchez and Judge in the lineup, every night.

You might say: 'why not move Sanchez to DH in the near future'. Well, Yankees might rather put Judge at DH in the near future. Because we all know Judge is gonna get bigger; yes, I know how crazy that sounds, since he's already 6'7, 270-pounds. And that type of size isn't gonna last in right field, forever.

Sanchez has already shown struggles, defensively, as a catcher. Where backup catcher Austin Romine has been better defensively and better at handling the pitching staff.

When Romine replaced Sanchez early in the season, when Sanchez was put on the D.L., Romine hit every well.

Why not a future of Romine becoming the full-time catcher and Sanchez as first base?