Aaron's State of the Yankees

No, not Aaron Judge or Aaron Hicks, it's (me, damn it) Aaron Lafond's state of the Yankees. Jeez... I just noticed how confusing this could be.


Yankees Road Trip: Baltimore Orioles/Toronto Blue Jays

Even though this road trip wasn't all that great, as the Yankees finished with a 3-4 record against the Orioles and Blue Jays, Yankees are still first place; two-games on front of the Boston Red Sox in the A.L. East.

But...they could've done better. If it wasn't for a misplay by Aaron Judge, whose been having a fine season defensively to go along with his immense offensive year, that Oriole series probably looks a lot different.

And in the entire four-game Blue Jay series, the Yankees were in every single game. If you have a well pitched game by Michael Pineda and Luis Severino doesn't give up the two-run homerun to Justin Smoak, Yankees sweep the Jays - in Toronto.

'Could've, should've' goes out the window now as the Yankees can redeem themselves in this upcoming series starting tomorrow, as they begin a six-game home series against the Red Sox and Orioles. Yankees have major shot at separating themselves from both east rivals.


You know, not only it's amazing to see the Yankees have this surprise start to the season, but the power this team is generating is unbelievable. If both Gary Sanchez and Greg Bird didn't get hurt, can you imagine the production this lineup could have.

That's the thing, the Yankees have a 32-21 record, without having two of their best hitters, Sanchez and Bird, who were their best hitters in spring training. If you told me before the season started that the Yankees would be without Bird and Sanchez for the first two months, I would've thought the Yankees would be fighting to stay out of last place.

Sanchez hasn't even got it going yet; now he's starting to heat up, as he recently had a two homerun game in the first game of the Blue Jay series.

Also if Bird returns and returns to the form he was in spring training where he was knocking every ball out of the ballpark - sky's the limit.

Jordan Montgomery

Will Jordan Montgomery become a diamond in the rough, for the Yankees? We really don't know. We don't know if Montgomery's gonna be the next Chien-Ming Wang? The next Shawn Chacon? Even the next Andy Pettitte? But so far, I like what I'm seeing on the mound.

Montgomery doesn't have unbelievable, eye-popping mechanics. But what I like from him is his demeanor on the mound. He's very poised for a rookie. Kinda reminds me of Mets pitcher Jacob DeGrom, who doesn't - really - have the best stuff, though DeGrom's competitive attitude on the mound to throw strikes makes his mechanics better than what it is.

Montgomery does have great arm action, to go along with his fastball, changeup and curve. His arm angle doesn't change - only his pitches do.

Luis Severino

Same reason why I like Montgomery, is the same reason why Severino is so good.

Severino's on-the-mound makeup is what makes him great. The confidence that this guy has, to go along with his 98-mph, sinking fastball and his 91-mph slider, is what no lineup wants to witness.

Severino is a big man. That's why his fastball and slider is thrown with such ferocity.

I really thought he was gonna end up in the bullpen; his stuff is made to be in the bullpen, like Dellin Betances. Severino doesn't have that much speed differential, that if his starts in a game, batters will be able to time his pitches.

But he's adapted and done really well. Once he learns how to really per-fect his changeup, he's gonna be dominant.

Chance Adams as a 7th-Inning Reliever?

Lots of talks about minor- leaguer Chance Adams coming up to the bigs, whose having a sensational year in double-A and triple-A, with a 7-1 record, 1.24 era and 59-strikeouts.

I never seen him pitch. So the other day I decided to look him up on YouTube and watch his delivery. And the thing I noticed about his delivery is how violent is it. Violent enough for him to be a reliever, only and not be a starter. His delivery and finishes to the plate might be too much wear and tear on his arm to pitch six/seven full innings.

Maybe I'm wrong and I hope I am because I rather have a starter, but if he can come out of the bullpen and become the 7th-inning reliever, that wouldn't that bad of an idea. Especially with Adam Warren and Tyler Clippard's struggles, it's not that bad of an idea.