Would Yankees Be Interested in King Felix?

He may not be "King Felix" anymore, but with a change scenery he could probably redeem part of that Cy Young form. daspost

Although he's on the disable list -- but soon returning -- the Yankees should be interested in trying to acquire Seattle Mariners ace, Felix Hernandez.

Or...once an ace.

Hernandez was placed on the D.L in April, due to shoulder inflammation.

Now some Yankee fans would say, "why the hell would I want King Fleix? He's old and done!"

Here's why:

First and foremost he won't cost you major top prospects, since all the Yankees would have to do is take his remaining contract, that's worth just north of $60 million for the next three years.

Although Hernandez does have a $1 million team option with incentives. But in that third year, if he spends more than 130 consecutive days on the D.L for an injury on his right shoulder of elbow, a team can buyout of that third year. Either way, for a year and million, it's not that bad.

Secondly: Yea, he may not be 'King Felix' anymore, but if he was -- guess what? -- he would cost a lot more than what he's worth now.

And third: Give Hernandez a change of scenery; let him pitch in New York City, in a playoff run and I bet he'll gain something back from his old days.

I'd like to see Hernandez pitch in a big, pennant chase game, in the Bronx in September. Something he's never been through in his career with the Seattle Mariners.

Hernandez is only 31-years-old. Not old.

Even at this stage of his career, he's got more of a track record than most of the starters the Yankees have in the rotation now. Even more than Masahiro Tanaka.

I have a feeling the Yankees don't wanna spend top prospects for a top pitcher, if they're in playoff contention this season. They would love to get a pitcher like Jose Quintana, but for how much? Also, do other teams - who are also interested Quintana, have better offers than what the Yankees have.

Getting Hernandez now would give the Yankee rotation some assurance for next year. With Tanaka possibly opting out, Michael Pineda and C.C. Sabathia pitching in the last years of their contract and probably not returning, at least Hernandez gives the Yankees an arm that has innings pitched.

The Yankees can both Hernandez and Quintana, if they wanted to. All the Yankees have to do is eat Hernandez's entire $60 million dollar contract and trade Clint Frazier for Quintana.