Would Knicks Trade Potential (7th) Pick for Jimmy Butler?

Is Phil Jackson willing to win now or never? That's the question Phil Jackson has to ask himself. daspostMe personally: I feel that if the Knicks don't get one of the top three or four picks in tonight's NBA Draft Lottery -- which will most likely be the case -- then there's no point of drafting a shooting guard whose gonna take years to develop or an 18-year-old point guard from France, who, again, will take years to develop.

If the Knicks are gonna trade Carmelo Anthony, they should replace him with another proven star player -- immediately.

And there's a star player whose on the trading block, right now. That's Jimmy Butler.

Butler, whose on the Chicago Bulls and the Knicks have already made a big trade with last summer, when they agreed to deal Derrick Rose. Which was a huge mistake for the Knicks.

Although in order to get Butler, the Knicks would have to trade Melo, first, since he and Butler would be polluting the floor at the small guard position.

I mean, Butler is also marked as a shooting guard, as well. So they can probably find a way to play around it.

And if the Knicks end up keeping Melo, I have no problem with that either. Once we trade him, the Knicks aren't going anywhere, anyways; unless they trade for Butler after trading Melo. The Knicks star only has two years left on his contract and he's getting older, so I believe he won't be a distraction anymore, once he begins to age. I think he'll understand, soon, that he needs to smarten up if he wants to win with the Knicks.

A Butler and Kristaps Porzingiz combo would be sweet. Those two can definitely take the Knicks to the playoffs. Porzingiz and Butler tandem would be explosive, with the athleticism they can provide on the floor. I can really see them gaining chemistry with each other.

But in order to get Butler, things have to happen.

First: The Bulls have to be willing to trade Butler. That's numero uno.

Second: The Knicks have to make sure De'Aaron Fox won't be available to draft. Because if they feel they have a chance to get Fox, then this Butler trade goes out the window. Fox is the guy the Knicks need to draft. But he might not be available if they get a low pick. He could be taken quickly in the draft.

Third: Might have to trade Melo.

My Trade Proposal to the Bulls: 7th pick and Courtney Lee for Butler and their 2017 pick.

The Bulls have the 16th pick in this year's draft. I feel that has to be part o the deal, in order for this trade to happen. I believe the Knicks could get this deal done right now, without asking for the Bulls pick. Would the Knicks do it?