Sure, The Knicks Would Love to Get De'Aaron Fox, but will they be in Position to get him?

daspost There are reports about the New York Knicks camp being big fans of De'Aaron Fox and people around the league think he'd be the right fit...

Oh...okay. Will the Knicks be in position to get him?Everyone keeps talking about how Fox would be great for the Knicks, but forget that the Knicks might not get high enough lottery pick to get him.

Fox's stock has risen so much, in the past couple of months, he might drafted at the top three.

If you're a huge Knick fan, Tuesday night is sorta of a big night - being that Tuesday night is the NBA Draft Lottery. We'll know the official pick the New York Knicks will get.

The pick the Knicks will get will answer some questions weather if they'll keep the pick or trade it for a lower or trade it for a potential player.

But as for drafting Fox, it's out of the question at this point. If the Knicks are projected to be slotted as the seventh pick, then they're not getting Fox. Because he's gonna be taken a lot earlier -- possibly as the fourth pick.

If the Knicks somehow get the fifth pick, I still don't think they'll get him. I think it has to be the fourth pick or higher.

Who knows, maybe the Knicks can have the luck the Cleveland Cavaliers had in the 2014 Draft Lottery when they won the number one pick, after a 33-49 season and only being the ninth worst team in the NBA.