Potential Summer Song of 2017: "Unforgettable" by French Montana ft. Swae Lee

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTFtOOh47oo?ecver=1]

I don't even need to say it, they're people commenting on YouTube saying this song will be the summer hit of 2017.

French Montana's "Unforgettable" that features Swae Lee, has the sound, the feel and the await of excitement for the summer of 2017. It just sings summer hit of 2017.

It feels like it's been years since we've had a real summer hit. Where the hook to a song sounds like a hot, humid night, where you're hanging outside with friends or with a lover you just met in the summer. "Unforgettable" captures that feeling.

It also has a reggae sound to it. Swae Lee - whose a member of the group Rae Sremmurd alongside his partner Slim Jimmy - sounds really good, with an auto tune, reggae style hook. Lee and Jimmy are also very good rappers; one of the best young rappers in today's era.

There's been lots of reggae hits that've been summer hits in the past. Those songs really capture the feel of summer. Especially when you grow up in the urban area, like myself, you grew up with reggae songs being played in the summer.

Montana putting out another hit, is nothing new to the music world. The South Bronx, New York native has one of the best hip-hop tone-vocals in modern day.

"Unforgettable" is a potential summer hit - and it can also become a 2017 on my list. ;)