Are Yankees Planning to Trade Aaron Judge?

There's three Aarons. There's one Aaron the Yankees really love, for some reason. There's the other Aaron who they seem to like a lot, but aren't sure on him. Then there's the third Aaron, whose writing this post, and they don't know or care about. DASpost

But let's talk about the Aaron they really care about -- and that's Aaron Hicks.

Since the beginning of the season the Yankees have made it clear that Aaron Judge's job at right field wasn't a lock, because they wanted Hicks to battle Judge for that right field position and -- let's be honest -- they prefer Hicks.

And let's be honest again -- the Yankees don't like Judge. This is suppose to be our future right-fielder, whose been hyped for so long; he's been an untouchable in trade talks, that us Yankee fans have been waiting to see up in the majors and now he's on the verge of possibly losing his job.

So you know what, if the Yankees are looking to start Hicks over Judge and let Judge rot away his talent on the bench, for a switch-hitting right-fielder who hasn't done anything - yet - in the majors, then trade Judge.

Maybe this why they rather start Hicks over Judge on Opening Day. There could be a trade in works before the season. Probably Judge is being packaged to a team for a top starter.

Why would the Yankees not start Judge or let him start the season in the minors --which would be disintegrating for him after coming up to the majors last year, with all the hype -- then have him play poorly in the minors, where his value goes down for any potential trade.

The best and smart thing is to trade him now, if, they aren't gonna start him on Opening Day.

Yankees could package a deal, with Judge as the centerpiece of the deal and ship him to the Chicago White Sox lefty starter Jose Quintana. Judge playing for the White Sox makes sense. Because he can hit a lot of homeruns in Guaranteed Rate Field (White Sox stadium), the way the ball carries. His fly ball outs can be easy homeruns.

I understand why the Yankees prefer Hicks, since he's switch-hitter (which they always love), he's athletic, has a great arm (so does Judge), speed and great defensively. Can he hit? I've see him show some power last season and spray the ball all over the field , but in 2016 we hardly got to see him play everyday since Carlos Beltran and Alex Rodriguez were in the lineup most of the time.

There's a lot of qualities Hicks has, the Yankees love and always loved. Then there's qualities Judge has, the Yankees have always been against -- which is the low batting average, on base percentage and high strikeouts.

Also another thing the Yankees are little worried with Judge that no one has really talked about, is his size in the outfield. He might be too big to play everyday in the outfield.

Yankees recently signed a right-handed hitting feast or famine hitter, in Chris Carter. When the Yankees face a lefty, they probably don't want two of those type of players in the lineup.

What the Yankees really want to do is, trade Brett Gardner. This way they can play Hicks in left field. I'm surprised they haven't found takers for Gardner. Could still happen before the season starts.