#FBF Music Video: "Jump Around"

You wanna talk about a 1990's classic...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZaz7OqyTHQ?ecver=1]

If you make a list of the best songs of the 1990's and you don't have "Jump Around" by House Of Pain, then you have no clue what you're talking about. If you grew up as a kid in the 90's -- no matter what race you were -- you knew this song.

25-years ago, House Of Pain made history.

"Jump Around" was shot during the 1992 Saint Patrick's Day Parade, in New York City. Parts of the video was filmed in Central Park and in the "Old Town Bar and Restaurant" in Park Ave and Broadway, at 45 east. 18th Street in the Flatiron District.

I'm sure this song is HUGE in big Irish ethnic groups in Boston, Massachusetts; even nights like tonight -- St.Patricks Day on a Friday night? Boston bars will have this song bumpin'. You know how many bars they are in the world, let alone in New York City.

The group House Of Pain were from Los Angeles, California.The song was produced by DJ Muggs of the hip-hop group Cypress Hill.

It's not even top song of the 1990's, but one of the greatest hits in hip-hop history, as well.

One member of House Of Pain, Everlast, was nominated three times for a Grammy - won one in the year 2000 that featured Santana called, "Put Your Lights On" and the two others were "Jump Around" and (one my personal favorite) "What's It's Like".

Even on St.Patricks Day, after 25-years, this song is global. If House Of Pain got paid a $1 million dollars every time this song was played around the world today, they'd probably become billionaires.