SNL "Translator" Sketch - Best Sketch in Years; God/Dog Wise Tale

At first I thought this sketch was one of the this season, when really it's one of the best sketches -- really -- in years.


On last night's newly episode of Saturday Night Live, host Scarlett Johansson, they had one of the best sketches in a long time. And it's one of those sketches you might see a lot, when they have special episode where they show the best episodes that involved Donald Trump.

Having a dog wear an electronic helmet, to know what a dog is really saying, brought me back to an wise tale my Puerto Rican grandmother once told me, that had to do with god stopping dogs from talking. Yes. You heard it here first, folks, dogs once talked years ago and god made them stop taking.

The Story Goes:

God and his dog were walking together and would see a lady building a house. The dog asks the lady, "when will you finish building your house?"

The lady would respond, "I'm gonna finish tomorrow."

The next day would come. The dog asks again, "when will you finish building this house", the lady, again, says, "I'll finish tomorrow".

A couple of days go by, the dog asks the same questions and the lady gives the same answer.

This time, as God and his dog walk away from the lady, God tells his dog, "as long as she says 'god willing', she will not finish that house." The dog would agree on it.

But the dog secretly went behind God's back and told the lady, "you have to say 'god willing' in order for the house to be finished - so once you see me and god together again, you have to say 'god willing'". The lady agrees.

So the next time God and his dog walk pass the lady, the dog says, "when are you gonna finish building your house?". This time, the lady says, "I'm gonna finish the house, tomorrow -- if god willing".

As God and the dog walk away, god tells the dog, "you weren't suppose to tell her what she was suppose to say, in order to finish the house. For being such a big mouth, I will punish you by making you not talk again".

Because of that, dogs were never to talk, again. Instead, god exchange their words to woof.

Yup. Exclusive ancient news, here.

That SNL sketch made me wanna bring up that old wise tale I was once told.