Usher's "No Limit" Should Be Up for a VMA

daspost.png Usher's "No Limit" that featured Young Thug, was on my top songs list, of 2016 and should be nominated for a MTV VMA, this upcoming year.

Why VMA and not a Grammy? Because a VMA means you're winning an award for the video and not the song. That's why it's called the Video Music Awards.

I'm sure the song has got be top listed to be nominated for an VMA, but still, it's the video that counts in the VMAs.

But "No Limit" should be nominated. The video has a positive, fun feel to it and I love how it shows Usher dancing with kids because he was once a kid making r&b videos and now he's become the father figure to music.

I'm not a big Young Thug fan, but his verse was really good in this song.


It's a shame how the mainstream media doesn't realize how great Usher has been in his career. And to do it for this long, is outstanding. He's been doing this since mid/late 1990's. He's basically been releasing hits for three decades! Theses hits aren't some mickey mouse crap, either, they're classics.

MTV nominated Usher for a VMA would mean they're invite him to the awards. For a couple of years now the VMAs have lacked star names attending the show. Instead we've been seeing this teens that I've never seen before, in my life. Usher and more well known names would be a start.