Could Mike Francesa Be Headed to SNY, After WFan?

Mike Francesa continues to remind us, that he will leave WFan in December, but he's NOT retiring. daspost

There was speculation a couple of years ago about Francesa doing a simulcast with SNY, which I thought was a great idea.

But that rumor could come out to be true, in 2018.

I have a feeling once Francesa finishes his year with WFan radio in December, I see him doing a television show for SNY, in January of 2018.

Instead of taking calls from radio, he'll be taking callers from live television -- where the caller would have to call wherever the studio he's in. And that studio could very well be One World Trade Center, since SNY just moved there.

Yes, SNY recently moved their network from midtown to lower Manhattan, in the One World Trade Center building. Can't believe that building is already occupied.

SNY moving to the WTC, could interest Francesa. If he's doing a show from there where he has a window behind him showing the entire New York City scenery, that would be amazing. He'll love that.

So I can see him doing a show like this. It'll almost be like a hotline television show. Instead you won't have to pay to call.

NY Sport 1, which is a channel only on Time Warner cable, would do at midnight and they take calls from New York sports fans. I even called them a couple of times, back then.

It'll almost be the same thing as a simulcast radio.

He could do a simulcast, but not for radio -- it could be a podcast. He could be doing a live podcast, while being on television.

He could be on from 1pm to 4pm. I can't see him going over 5-6pm because of the televised shows "NY Daily News Live" and "Loud Mouths". But SNY has nothing on between 1-4pm.

Another scenario that could happen, is him being on the MSG Network. But with numerous issues MSG has with other cable networks through the years, I don't think Francesa would gamble with that.

Francesa should've been on SNY, after he ended his relationship with the YES Network. Francesa and SNY is like a match made in heaven, except for the fact that he's a life-long Yankee fan. But that doesn't matter.

I could never understood why the YES Network decided to end their relationship with Francesa.

Like I said, Francesa and SNY would be a match made in heaven. He fits the channel. I'm a die-heart Yankee fan and I love SNY. I love how their television personalities are all from New York and they're all very passionate about sports . They relate so well with New York sports fans because they're honest, they're themselves and they don't bullshit. Which is what Mike Francesa is all about.