I've Had it With Sasheer Zamata

Sometimes I wonder if "Saturday Night Live" even cares, anymore. daspost

In all the years I've been watching SNL, from when I was kid watching Chris Farley, Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri, Molly Shannon, etc; all those immense talents who kept SNL alive and running to this day and made you wish to be on SNL. That was the type of 'funny' I've grown accustom to watch on SNL. The type of talent an average person can't even touch.

But nowadays, this generation's SNL cast member, is like an average person.

Is Sasheer Zamata even a comedian? Better yet -- does she even like comedy?

Zamata is so unfunny, when I watch her do a sketch, it's almost like she doesn't care for comedy. She's not even the sorta cast member who isn't funny, but is trying to be funny -- it seems like she's not even TRYING to be funny. So much, where I get the sense that she doesn't even like comedy. That's how unfunny I think she it.

And I hate to trash someone like this, but this is really on SNL and their producers and directors and whoever picks talent. Because for some reason, they like dry humor over potential talent. I don't understand that.

Now, the whole reason why SNL hired Zamata was because of the backlash they received for not hiring a black, female cast member, which is true. Perfectly understood. But you're gonna tell me that Zamata is the only black, female comedian they could find?

I watch "Late Night with Seth Meyers" and Meyers has a writer who works for him, by the name of Amber Ruffin, who also does sketches for Late Night and happens to be a black female. She would be PERFECT for SNL. She has the perfect look and personality, for the show. When I saw her on Late Night I said, why isn't this girl on SNL?

I have no clue what SNL is looking at, for talent. Maybe the new description is someone who has no interest in comedy and has never watched SNL a day of their life.

Like I said, I don't mean to bash Zamata but it's ridiculous how they bring in new talent who tend to have high potential, then let them go the next year; meanwhile Zamata whose been here for a couple of years now and has done nothing and has shown nothing.

Former SNL cast member Jay Pharoah wasn't all that great; although he had an amazing talent to impersonate other celebrities. But he did not deserve to lose his job, while Zamata stays.

Sometimes I wonder if they hired Zamata because she's attractive. And if that's the case, then SNL has really gone corporate.

It's not just Zamata, it's also the two, new, male cast members, Mikey Day and Alex Moffat, who were brought in this season and are also atrocious. At least they try to be funny, but SNL brings in those guys, then lets go of Jon Rudnitsky? What a waste. Rudnitsky was gonna be good. Maybe it was his own terms not to come back for another season, because letting him go made zero sense.

If Zamata's trying to make history, she's doing that. By being the most unfit SNL cast member of all-time.

She's so unfunny and disinterested in being funny, it's almost like she's undercover cop whose spying on Collin Jost because he's secretly drug trafficking.

SNL needs to start getting real talent, again, and not worry about trashing Donald Trump, kiss his ass when he hosts, then trash him when he's gone.