What To Do, What To Do, If You're Brian Cashman

The Yankees still have one of or the best bullpens baseball, even after the Aroldis Chapman trade.

If Carlos Beltran is traded, you can say the Yankees are "waving the white flag", because he's their best hitter and without him, the Yankees become nonexistent offensively.

But then if you trade guys like Ivan Nova, Brian McCann, Brett Gardner, it won't necessarily mean the Yankees are giving up the season and the Yankees could easily upgrade those positions, for instance: at catcher and/or outfield if McCann and Gardner get traded.

But then, you look at the A.L. Wild Card and the Yankees are only 3.5 games back. Now you're thinking, should they become buyers. But if they buy, it's gonna be a smart buy or something needed. Like trading for a Chris Sale; which I don't see happening, nor do I see him getting traded anywhere else in the next couple of days. If Sale is getting dealt, it's gonna be in the offseason.

Another smart buy would be trading for Jay Bruce. I know they sorta don't have a position for him, but if the Yankees continue to not play Alex Rodriguez and DH Beltran, Yankees can just stick Bruce in right field. And Bruce is the big, strong, hairy, left-handed power bat Yankee GM Brian Cashman loves.

How much would the Cincinnati Reds want for Bruce? That's another question. Yankees are not gonna go overboard on trading top, valuable prospects for Bruce. They'll take his contract as a salary dump, but they won't give up anything major for him. Probably...would consider trading shortstop prospect, Jorge Mateo for Bruce. Probably.

Then there's smart sells. Trading McCann or Gardner. I'd hate to trade either, because both really wanna excel with the Yankees, but, the Yankees have a younger backup catcher in Austin Romine and whose been more consistent offensively. Every time Romine plays, he gets a big hit. McCann has been so one dimensional offensively, while Romine has been more versatile with the bat.

Some fans and writers think a smart sell would be trading Miller for a young top prospect; which I'd agree, if the prospect is a sure can't miss. But the one move people have discussed on Miller is trading him to the Washington Nationals for starting pitcher Lucas Giolito. That's a move I'd probably consider doing, but when I watch Giolito pitch, he reminds me of Phil Hughes. Giolito reminds me of what Hughes looked like when he was coming up. Like Hughes, Giolito's fastball and curve don't fit together and a batter knows the difference. So I'm a little skeptical in trading for Giolito.

And trading Miller would really decrease the Yankees chances of winning or having a chance to make the playoffs.

It's a position to be in, if you're Cashman. Not selling is easy, not buying is easy, but then you think about the future after these season or you think about this season and how a few additions can improve this club now -- and make a serious run for the Wild Card.

But I have feeling the Yankees will improve the team in someway; especially if they keep winning. If the Yankees sweep the Tampa Rays this weekend, no doubt about it, they're gonna make a move to improve. Because if they sweep the Rays, they're gonna gain ground or move past teams with the Orioles facing the Blue Jays and the Tigers facing the Astros this weekend.

The Orioles and Blue Jays have a three-game set this weekend, who are front of the Yankees in the division and wild card, also the Tigers and Astros will have a three-game set, and they're on front of the Yankees in the wild card. Not only would they gain ground, they'll get closer to matching the wins of those teams on front of them -- which they have to do sooner or later if serious about making a postseason run.