20-11: Top Songs of 2014

Sorry for putting this at no.20. Love and respect the hell out of Taylor Swift, but this is where "Shake It Off" belongs, in my view. If this was "Trouble", it would've been higher.

Every year Drake puts out a big song. This year it was "0 to 100". We all can relate to "0 to 100". Especially us New Yorkers. Drake is great -- when you love hip-hop like he does, you're gonna always put great music out.

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Another good, solid song in 2014; another good song for all ages. At first, I thought the band Magic! was called "Rude", and thought the song was called Magic! Got confused a little... But I straighten it out.. ;)

Not a big fan of the song "Bang, Bang", but respect Jessie J, immensely. She's what's right for music.

"Partition" was one of many Beyonce's big hits in 2014.

In-love with Charli XCX. "Boom Clap" reminded me so much of the songs from the late 1990's. Had that ska punk sound to it. Even Charli XCX has that late 1990's style of look to her; also her voice sounded very much like Gwen Stefani. Big future ahead for Charli XCX.

Another song that gave me a 90's nostalgia -- Kiesza's "Hiideaway". This song would've fit right in the year 1995. Genius.

At first, Ariana Grande's "Problem" was amazing when it first came out, then after a while it got on everyone's nerves. What a year for Ariana ... Wow.

What more can you say about Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda"? Or what more can say about that ass. What-a-woman... Though, would love to hear more hip-hop from Minaj in 2015.

Hate to bring up this decade again, but "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit reminded me of a 90s dance song (can't really say 'club' song). Which's why it's ranked high in my list. Big hit in 2014. To me it was. 
Jess Glynne, whose the main voice for "Rather Be", has simply a terrific voice. I hope we hear more stuff like this from Glynne. "Rather Be" was certainly one of my favorite songs of 2014. I almost had it on the 5th spot.