TBT: 1999, Joey Ramone as Guest on Conan O'Brien

Every time I see an old Conan O'Brien clip when he use to host from New York City, I wish he were still here. 

Not only I wish Conan was still in New York, I wish Joey Ramone were still here

Since today is Flashback Friday, I decided to pull out an interview on the Late Show where Conan had rock legend Joey Ramone, lead singer of the of the hall of fame band The Ramones, as his guest.

It's one of my favorites interviews because it's 'Joey Ramone' and Conan really enjoyed having him on because he was a big fan of The Ramones. It was also one of Joey's last interviews, since he passed away in 2001.

Joey and Johnny Ramone are my favorites and I really can't pick one between the two, because both have different qualities I like; Joey is a sweet guy who he and I had the same issues growing up and a kid. As for Johnny, he was a disciplinary, a tough guy and was a huge New York Yankee fan like myself. So I can never pick one between Johnny and Joey. 

This was a great interview. I wish Conan would've had the chance to get The Ramones to perform on his show. 

Sonny Gray Moment: How Yankee Stadium Suppose to Sound lIke

Sonny Gray Moment: How Yankee Stadium Suppose to Sound lIke

Now this is what's suppose to sound like in the Bronx! 

Ever since the new Yankee Stadium has been built, the one major problem the Yankees have always had was the crowd the not generating the same crowd noise the old stadium use to generate. 

And that's fine. Maybe it's because the stadium is built differently. Which is something you really fix overnight.

But the structure of the stadium is not the problem. It's the the non-fans who are attending the stadium. That's the problem.

Eli Manning as "The Beach" (Cosmo Kramer's idea)


Sexual, athletic ... without a trace of self conscuiousness. 

The words that were said when Eli Manning was auditioning for the new (or old) Clavin Klein clinique ad. It's almost the same words they used for Kramer, when he picked for the ad, back in 1992. 

But no, this isn't really Eli. Just a hype caricature sketch for today's New York Giants opener against the Dallas Cowboys. 

And the reason I used a Seinfeld theme is because Eli is actually a big Seinfeld fan - like I am. Also this episode which is called "The Pick", where Kramer had an idea for a fragrance called "The Beach" where you smell like you just came from the beach. But Clavin Klein stole the idea, causing Kramer to go see Clavin personally and Clavin brushed off the anger Kramer had with an opportunity to do an underwear photoshoot. 

FBF: Aaliyah on TRL Performing "Try Again"

I was watching BET Jams and they televised this rare, live performance from Aaliyah and I had to post it. 

I knew today was the anniversary of Aaliyah's death, but I didn't wanna talk about because it was so sad. Although - like I said - I just saw this performance and I had to post it because it brought me back to the good ole days of hearing this song, "Try Again" and how big of a song it was. 

This performance just had...a good vibe about it. I just simply felt good watching this video. I guess that's vibe Aaliyah brought to the stage. 

R.I.P. Baby Girl

That Was a Bad Game by Joe Girardi

That Was a Bad Game by Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi played this game as if the Yankees already clinched a playoff spot.

He also played this game like the Wild Card spot is still sole possession. 

I'm never the one to bash on Girardi. He's done an incredible job with this young team; he truly has. But last night was one of those games where he always says: "if you have a chance to win a game, you do it" -- and he didn't win it. 

Andrew "Dice" Clay on Stephen Colbert

Good to see the Diceman, Andrew "Dice" Clay, back on television last night, on the "Late Show" with Stephen Colbert

He actually had a good interview with Conan O'Brien, a couple of months ago. 

When Colbert realized Clay was a Jewish he seemed surprised. Because really -- let's be honest --the first time you see Clay you think: an Italian guy from Brooklyn. 

The first time I knew Clay was Jewish was a couple of years ago, when Gene Simmons has reality show called "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and it was an episode where Simmons was getting roasted on Comedy Central. Clay was one of the guests to roast Simmons and explained how he and Simmons were both Jewish and how Clay's son had a crush on Simmons' daughter (Sophie). Clay said he wanted to have a Jewish culture wedding for his son and Simmons' daughter.