Yankees Are in Well Position to Make a Significant Trade

daspost.png The Yankees are actually well positioned to make a trade that'll really help this team. As for acquiring someone like Sonny Gray -- I don't know about that.

Nor do I think the Yankees need to get a pitcher like Gray.

If the Yankees are gonna get a big starter, it's gotta be a lefty. Now, Jose Quintana would've that pitcher, if he would've never gotten trade to the Chicago Cubs. A top of the rotation lefty who'll surpass Masahiro Tanaka as the ace and a controlled contract, that would've been a safety net incase Tanaka opts out.

But if they can't get a lefty, then they just need to get a solid, veteran, who can eat up innings and keep the offense in the game. Like, a Justin Verlander.

Verlander would be perfect. I don't think will cost the Yankees much, as in prospects - just money. They'll just have to take his $56 million remaining for 2018 and 19, plus he has a $22 million dollar vest option that can only be picked up if he's on the top-5 category for the Cy Young in 2019.

If the Yankees can get Verlander, it'll cost them only money and still have prospects to trade for a reliever or first baseman.

(Sonny) Gray is a great pitcher; don't get me wrong. But he's not un-hittable. Would love to get him, but the Oakland Athletics are gonna ask the world for him, since he's only 27-years-old, getting paid nothing and Billy Beane will never trade him to the Yankees unless he gets Clint Frazier or Gleyber Torres in return. And that's not gonna happen.

Yankees and Athletics hardly ever make big trades, anyways.

I can see a reunion for the Yankees and David Robertson.

Robertson is having a very good year for the Chicago White Sox, with a 2.78 era in 30-games. He's got $13 million dollars remaining for 2018. Yankees won't have to give up a major prospect, but will have to give up 'something'. White Sox don't have to trade him and $13 mill isn't a lot to take for another season.

If the Yankees can add Robertson in the 7th inning role, with Dellin Betances and (a struggling) Aroldis Chapman, that will absolutely strengthen the bullpen and shorten games for their starters, again, just like the days when they had Andrew Miller.

I hate to say this, but if something happens to Chapman, where he can no longer pitch, Robertson becomes a major safety net. Chapman has already been on the D.L and - like I said - struggling.

I did say the Athletics and Yankees never make big trades, however Oakland's first baseman, Yonder Alonso, might break the 'big trade' drought.

Alonso, is 30-years-old and will be a free agent this coming offseason. With his age and contract, I'd guess the Athletics wouldn't mind giving him away for something or anything. So I can see this trade happening between the Athletics and Yanks.

Even though Alonso has 21-homeruns and 44-RBIs, be cautious - because this is his only season where he's hit over 10 homers.

Not only the Yankees are scouting Robertson, but they're also scouting his teammate Todd Frazier.

The question is, where would Frazier play?

I guess they would play him at third, then move Headley to first.

Not only the Yankees are in on Frazier, their rivals Boston Red Sox are as well. Maybe even closer to acquiring him. Although they're still saying the Yankees are in on him.

I wonder if Frazier, a New Jersey native, would really be okay getting traded to Boston of all places.

Rather see him in pinstripes. Love to have locals on the Yankees.

Martin Prado, a player the Yankees once acquired right on the July 31st deadline in 2014.

His numbers with the Yankees in those two months and 37-games: 7-homeruns, 16-RBIs and batted .316. Not bad.

Although this season with the Miami Marlins has only 2-homeruns, 12-RBIs and batting .254, but all this in only 36-games.

At 33-years-old, the Yankees can get him for cheap, I believe. Especially when he's gonna make $28 million for the next two seasons.