What are The Knicks Planning to do this offseason?

Are they rebuilding? Retooling? Trade for players? Sign free agents? daspost

Throughout this entire offseason, us Knick fans have never gotten a clear view of what the Knicks organization is trying to do. All we've got is drama that doesn't have to with winning.

First, Knicks president Phil Jackson has been focused on trading star player Carmelo Anthony. Which is the only clear plan we've known.

Then, Jackson says, 'Kristaps Porzingis isn't an untouchable'. Setting a wildfire that had Knick fans and others around the league that he might trade Porzingis.

Trading Porzingis would be ridiculous, since Jackson has already made up his mind about trading Melo. He's not gonna trade both players. The organization won't let him do that.

And I'm not in for re-signing Derrick Rose. I do not want this guy on my team. I know Knicks fans have been critical of James Dolan jumping into negotiations in the past, but he has my privilege to stop Jackson from re-signing Rose, if that came to reality. Last year, when Rose left the team without advising the organization, I didn't like him anymore. If Melo did that, he would've been crucified.


I think Carmelo Anthony should stay. I do. I know the Knicks never see a playoff game anymore, as we should, with a great player like him on the team, but - you know what - we're not gonna go anywhere without him, anyways.

Melo has only two years remaining on his contract. Let him stay! We've sucked with him, we've been great with him -- fuck it, let's just ride the sunset with him. You can't tell me the Knicks can't have a surprise year with him, just like in the 2012-13 season.

He's getting older. You would think and hope, he'll get it. He'll get how to win games and make everyone around him better. It's got to happen.

Me personally, I really, really want to see him win in New York. I know how much he wants to win here, instead of going to Cleveland and winning under someone else.


If you told me right this moment who the Knicks will draft, I'm gonna say Frank Ntilikina.

He's been linked to the Knicks all season and he - simply - fits what Jackson is trying to build here in New York.

Yes, it's because Ntilikina fits the triangle, but also because he's from Europe, where Jackson likes the passing style euros bring to the NBA, which fits his triangle system.

I personally like Ntilikina, from what I saw in his highlight videos. Also he's currently playing in a championship game in Europe and that's what I like to see - he's playing winning basketball and I hope he brings that over to New York.

Ntilikina is listed as a point-guard but I can see him turning into a two guard. His height and wingspan reminds me a lot of James Harden. He can turn into that type of player.


Man, would I love to see he Knicks Luke Kennard from Duke. They would have to trade down or they could just draft him at the 8th spot.

It would be impossible for the Knicks to somehow get both Ntilikina and Kennard.

The Knicks were in trade talks with the Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers have the 15th pick and are rumored to draft Kennard. Maybe the Knicks trade down and acquire the Blazers 15th pick.

I have a hard time seeing he Knicks getting the 15th pick and keeping the 8th. If that happens, everyone should bow down to Jackson.