Yankees: Yea It's Early, But that's an Impressive Win

In the first five games to the season, you didn't want Masahiro Tanaka - their best starter - to struggle in his first two starts, you didn't want two tough loses in a game they both had the lead and sure as hell didn't want Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez to be injured. But to have all those things happen to a very young team with little experience and to win a game like today, is very impressive.


Yankees take the rubber game against the Baltimore Orioles, 7-3, after a brutal weekend.

Listen, I know it's only the sixth game of the season, but this win showed the heart of this young Yankee team. Even in today's game they struggled to score; so many failed opportunities with runners in scoring position and to mange to still pull out a win has got to be uplifting for the Yankees.

It shows what this team is made of. Being down 3-0 in the 6th inning in this game, after losing the first two games in heartbreaking fashion, where they could've won, then losing Sanchez and Bird and Tanaka struggling for the second straight start, the Yankees could've easily mailed in today. But no - they kept fighting.

Ronald Torreyes has been unbelievable, so far. He's made fans forget Didi Gregorius is on the team.

Torreyes has been so good -- with his 3-for-5, 2 RBI day -- once Gregorius comes back, he might end up pushing Chase Headley out of the third base position. Unless Headley is lighting it up, Torreyes could get more playing time at third.

Although you need a player like Torreyes on your bench. You wanna savor him for multiple positions and not expose him to one position. You need role players like him. Super utility are the real MVPs because the different roles they can play and if you look back at certain World Series teams, bench players have had significant roles and big playoff moments.

Big hit for Starlin Castro. When Castro is down 0-2 in the count, most of the time I'm thinking he'll wave at a pitch and strikeout -- no, he didn't do that. He took a pitch up the middle for a base hit. Big moment for him.

Castro is a sleeper. Last year he hit 20-homeruns, which was a career high and I wanna see if he can take it to the next level in New York. He has the chance to be a really, really good hitter. Castro just needs to have better pitch selection -- once he does that, he can be really good.

How about C.C. Sabathia? So far, he's been the best starter for the Yankees. If he can have the year he had last season, Yankees could win a lot of games. Because remember, last year, he pitched well but didn't get much run support.

Not only Aaron Judge hit his first homerun of the season, it was the biggest hit so far his career. That was a clutch homer by Judge. Then when he was with the bases loaded, he tried to go the other way, by hitting a pitch to the open right side -- even O's first baseman fielded the ball, but tripped and still got the out, still, Judge got the RBI and the mindset to go the other way instead of pull the ball for a homerun, is something I love about him.

Judge is a perfect example of what the Yankees have been missing, when it comes to team players. They've always had the superstar player who wants to hit the big homerun, just to his name in the back of the newspaper. Judge is the total opposite of that. When he spoke to the media in the postgame, it was all about the team winning the game and putting himself last. Judge's mentality is very -- may I say -- Derek Jeter-like.

In a prospect, we're always looking for the perfect looking player with five-tools. But you also have to look for winners. Someone with the heart for the game. Judge may have flaws, but their could be something special about him.