Frank Ntilikina Might Fit Right for Knicks - Reminds Me of James Harden


I would love to see Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball or De'Aaron Fox as a New York Knick, in this upcoming NBA Draft. But if they get the wrong lottery ball that lands them underneath numbers one through four, Fultz, Ball and Fox might not be available for New York. So where would the Knickerbockers have to pick? How about point-guard Frank Ntilikina, from Brussels, Belgium. Yes, another Euro.

We obviously can't watch Ntilikina play since he plays overseas, but we can see his highlights posted on Youtube. And no, he's not the flashiest point-guard Ball or Fultz is, but he's got the potential to become James Harden.

Harden isn't the quickest or biggest player in the league, but his intellect and smooth feel for the game made him the scoring genius he is today.

Ntilikina may not have the confident attitude Harden has, although he's the same height as Harden, at 6'5 and both have very long arms for just that height.

And most importantly the same style of game. The same simplicity. Obviously Ntilikina isn't the ball handler Harden is, but he can become that.

I've saw some comparing Fultz to Harden, though I think Fultz is more Damian Lillard; both are more point-guard, where Harden and Ntilikina are more shooting guards; even though Ntilikina is listed as a point-guard, I think he'll eventually become a two guard in the NBA.

Also people like to compare Ntilikina to Utah Jazz point-guard Dante Exum, which wouldn't make sense to compare him to a player who only has two years of experience in the pros.

I know Harden is a lefty shooter and Ntilikina is a righty, but both are very good shooters. Ntilikina, like Harden, can shoot from anywhere.


The same penetration, stutter step, crossover move, then finishes with the finger roll.


This is where the arm length of Ntilikina and Harden come to advantage, where they can finish with a dunk.