It's Important For the Knicks to Make the Playoffs

I prefer to not root for - my - New York Knicks to lose 21-games in-a-row, so they can get a high draft pick and somehow land the top name in this year's draft, UCLA point-guard Lonzo Ball. But the fact is - even if we do lose that many games, it's not a sure thing the Knicks will get a high enough lottery pick, to get Ball.

Unless the NBA commissioner Adam Silver can hook up his childhood team..


So there's no point in losing games, for a high lottery pick. Especially when you look at the history of great players who were selected as the 20th pick, second round or even picked last (Isaiah Thomas), you don't need a high pick. You just gotta do your homework and scout for players.

With that being said, let the Knicks try to make run for playoffs. If you're a Knick fan, root for your team to get that eighth seed. Root for winning. Not losing.

And just because - if they make the playoffs as an eighth seed - they'll have to play the Cleveland Cavaliers and getting eliminated in the first round would be pointless; so what!? If they lose, they lose. Making the playoffs is an achievement, no matter what seed they're make it in.

Didn't the 1998-99 Knicks teach you anything?


Not only it's important for the Knicks to make the playoffs, for all the right reasons, but it's most important for our young stars or our main young star, Kristaps Porzingis, to have a feel for the playoffs. Even if they lose in the first round, let Porzinigs witness how to get beat in the postseason, so he can want it more, get deeper into the playoffs and become desperate to win a championship, one day.

Porzingis, at 21-years-old, has no expectations, right now. No one is expecting him to be great now or even next year. So why not let him get to experience playoff basketball at this age.


As for Carmelo may be different.

In this stage of his career, it's more than just making the first round of the playoffs. It's about winning a championship. Although, I'd still want to see Melo in a postseason series, even if as a eighth seed team.

From all Melo has been though, from feuding with Phil Jackson this season, the trade rumors, to even the last couple of seasons of not making the postseason, I would love to see what he can do in a playoff appearance, to show Knicks fans and Phil Jackson why he wants to stay here and win here.

He wants to stay here. I really do believe that. He truly wants to win a title with the Knicks. I really believe that leaving the Knicks without winning a title or not finishing his contract with the Knicks trying to win a title, would be a failure to him.

If you don't think Melo cares about winning here, just look at that postgame interview he had with the media, the night the Knicks got eliminated by the Indiana Pacers, in game six of the 2013 semi-finals. The way he looked and felt that night, was what all of use Knick fans felt.

Melo would play his heart out, in first round series against the Cavs. I could see him giving it his all, as if this would be his last playoff series as a Knick. Which is very possible.

But for all this to happen, the Knicks have to MAKE the playoffs, first!

With 21-games left to the season and four games out of the eighth seed, the Knicks have a shot. I even think they control they're own destiny, if they just simply win there games.

They have four teams to jump over, but two of those teams, the Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Hornets, are just a game back of the Knicks. The two other teams, the Miami Heat and current eighth seed team Detroit Pistons, are further away from the Knicks, but like the Knicks haven't been consistent teams.

The Knicks schedule is going to be fairly easy, except the meeting against the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, March 5th, which will be at home and without Kevin Durant (due to injury). But will that really make a difference?

But on Friday they meet the Philadelphia Sixers on the road and - get this - play the Orlando Magic on Monday at Orlando, again, after playing them last night. I think I've never seen teams play each other twice, in the regular season, in the same arena, with four days apart.

Why am I this delusional to think the Knicks can make the playoffs: because I love my Knicks unconditionally and I just think they have the talent to do it. If Melo and Derrick Rose got traded before the deadline, then there would've been zero chance.

But Melo, Rose and Porzingis, is more than what the Hornets, Bucks, Heat and Pistons have.

21-games left -- believe in the orange and blue.