Bring The Oscars to NYC

Maybe it's time for a change. dasmobileWith the Academy Awards receiving it's lowest ratings in nine years, maybe the Oscars is in need of a change scenery, after 89-years.

But what kind of change? How about headlining the 90th Academy Awards in New York City.

Now, I'd doubt those traditionalist probably wouldn't dare bring the Oscars to New York, in it's 90th year. But why not? And if not next year (2018), why not in 2019.

I thought the Oscars have been a Los Angeles venue forever, until I did a little research and found that it was held once in New York City, in 1953, for the 25th Academy Awards, which was held in the Majestic Theatre.

After I found that out, I should change this post to: Bring BACK the Oscars to NYC

So let's bring it back to the Majestic Theatre! For years we've known the Oscars to be in Los Angeles or Hollywood. And it's the most logical and it makes sense, but...can we be different for one year.

The Majestic Theatre is on 44th street, right near Times Square. Can you imagine how packed that street would be if the Oscars were held there again?

Would bringing the Academy Awards to NYC help ratings? No. But it'd be a cool change. It's also be pretty unique and outside-the-box to have the 90th Annual Awards. New York City would give the Academy Awards that extra decorative fame to the show.

In L.A, where the Oscars are held, it brings a mixture of elegance and beauty, which can be boring at times. Where if the Oscars are in New York City, you're bringing elegance and dirt -- which is art. It'll bring some edge to the Academys.

It'll also be cool for the red carpet events. Because if the pre-show/red carpet is held around 7:00 pm, it'll be dark outside -- which would bring a party-like feel to the show. When Ryan Seacrest or Robin Roberts are interviewing a celebrity on the red carpet, it'll be night out. Where in California the red carpet is held around 4:00 pm -- that's too early! Who goes to an event that early?

What do you say, SAG members? Let's have the Oscar afterparty at 1:00 am, at the 40/40 club.