That Was a Bad Game by Joe Girardi

That Was a Bad Game by Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi played this game as if the Yankees already clinched a playoff spot.

He also played this game like the Wild Card spot is still sole possession. 

I'm never the one to bash on Girardi. He's done an incredible job with this young team; he truly has. But last night was one of those games where he always says: "if you have a chance to win a game, you do it" -- and he didn't win it. 

Andrew "Dice" Clay on Stephen Colbert

Good to see the Diceman, Andrew "Dice" Clay, back on television last night, on the "Late Show" with Stephen Colbert

He actually had a good interview with Conan O'Brien, a couple of months ago. 

When Colbert realized Clay was a Jewish he seemed surprised. Because really -- let's be honest --the first time you see Clay you think: an Italian guy from Brooklyn. 

The first time I knew Clay was Jewish was a couple of years ago, when Gene Simmons has reality show called "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and it was an episode where Simmons was getting roasted on Comedy Central. Clay was one of the guests to roast Simmons and explained how he and Simmons were both Jewish and how Clay's son had a crush on Simmons' daughter (Sophie). Clay said he wanted to have a Jewish culture wedding for his son and Simmons' daughter. 

VIDEO: Gary Sanchez's Bomb off Jacob DeGrom

Gary Sanchez is hot again! Hits a solo bomb off Mets top starter, Jacob DeGrom. 

Ron Darling in the SNY booth spoke about how Sanchez's finish reminded him of Albert Pujols. Which is something I've said last year, when Sanchez came up. 

It's Sanchez's 21st homer of the year and 4th in seven games. 

This is why Yankees Love Aaron Hicks

We can't forget about Aaron Hicks being one of those genius trades, by Brian Cashman


 Talk about Hicks who isn't really a big name coming off the D.L and make an immediate difference to a team that's been nonexistent offensively and to be the reason why the Yankees win, is unbelievable.

When Hicks hits the two-run homerun in the bottom 8th, to make it a 3-2 deficit, everyone was thrilled, the whole stadium went nuts, every Yankee fan on Twitter was wilding out, but, the Red Sox still had the lead. Of course, 3-2 is better than 3-0, but still the Sox could easily get these three outs and the inning's over.

Even though the Red Sox still had the lead, it felt like something good was about to happen. On a night and couple of days of the Yankees being abysmal offensively, this two-run homerun by a our fourth outfielder made us believe we can win this game. 

Hicks gave this team life; he awoken the stadium; someone who was at the ballgame tweeted: they couldn't remember Yankees Stadium being this loud. That's saying something.

It was incredible what Hicks did tonight. One of those nights he'll always remember.

Editing Aaron Judge's Batting Stance on MLB The Show

Aaron Judge's batting stance on MLB 17 The Show, has this full, straight standing stance. Which was kinda his old stance from 2016.


But this season, he's changed that. Judge's batting stance has his knees more bent and legs more open. 

So I began to find an animation of the stance he has now and I found this one. "Veteran Stance 169".  


Not only it looks a lot like he's realistic stance, but there's a better view of the pitches the pitchers throw to him, besides the stances The Show made for him because he's standing straight and the strikezone is big that the pitches away are harder to hit. 

If you have any questions or comments or maybe you found a better stance for Judge, feel free to comment below. 

Three-Team Trade Idea: Knicks, Cavs, Bulls

Three-Team Trade Idea: Knicks, Cavs, Bulls

In order to get Kyrie Irving traded to our beloved New York Knicks, we have to find a way to get LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony to agree to play with each on the Cleveland Cavaliers and to have them stay there for at least two seasons. There's one solution and one player that could do that and that's figuring out a way to get Dwyane Wade traded to the Cavs.

Two Major Reasons Why Kyrie Irving to the Knicks Might Be Real

First of all, whose this Jordan Schultz!? And why is he the only person in the world who knows that the Knicks are discussing a three-team trade to acquire Kyrie Irving? IrvingKristpas

For us Knicks fans, are we headed to toward the greatest summer in recent history or are headed to another disappointment where we're all fooled.

As you may know about the news that broke Friday afternoon about Kyrie Irving asking the Cleveland Cavalier front office to be traded.

After that story broke like gang busters, another report comes out, that states the list of teams Irving would like to be traded to. The teams listed were: Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat and the New York Knicks.

Now, before I get to my TWO REASONS why Irving could very well become a Knick, let tell you why the other teams have a chance to not get Irving.

Heat: Nothing to give up, with only Justise Winslow to offer.

Spurs: Unless they're giving up Kawhi Leonard, they have nothing to offer.

Timberwolves: They have assets, but this team is set the way it is. They're NOT giving Andrew Wiggins the Cavs, so they can acquire a point-guard they don't need. They're set with their team.

Now here's the two main reasons why this situation is made for Irving to land in New York. 


We may know why, now.

At first, we thought the Knicks halted trade talks with the Houston Rockets to send Carmelo Anthony, because the Knicks wanted to have a "sit down" with Melo, to try to persuade to stay in New York.

Which, I found strange. Why would the Knicks stop talks with Houston, so they can have a sit with Melo to see if wanted to stay in New York, when they've made it publicly clear that they wanna get rid of him. Now all of a sudden they wanna keep him?

Was that "sit down" report just smokescreen, to cover up what the Knicks were really doing? Maybe - just maybe - the Knicks heard about Irving's unhappiness in Cleveland and said 'fuck the Rocket's offer, let's see if we can get Irving for Melo!'

Oh, and yea, isn't Cleveland a team Melo wanted to play for? Also it's a team where he can get to the NBA Finals a lot easier, than the Houston Rockets, where he probably won't even get to play in a western conference finals.

Last week, we all thought the Melo was a Rocket. We all thought the deal was done. It felt like such a done deal, I was just waiting for Melo tweet his column from Players Tribune with the title "Thank you, New York".

Then all of a sudden talks stopped. Just like that. I wonder why.


Let's be honest - the Cavs don't wanna trade Irving for Melo. They don't wanna trade a 25-year-old for a 33-year-old. But LeBron James might have a different mindset than us.

See, if the Cavs trade Irving for another young star, for an example: A Wiggins, Klay Thompson. Those guys are not gonna listen to Melo, the way Irving did. They're not gonna come here and be LeBron's little brother. And he knows that.

Also, a young star isn't gonna want be here, if LeBron leaves next season.

So he's gonna want one of his closest boys to come to Cleveland. Someone whose gonna be by his side, after what Irving did to him. Someone whose more of a veteran and will be more than grateful play with him. And perfectly, that player so happens to be Carmelo Anthony.

Sure, Melo isn't 25, isn't fast or a point-guard. But he is LeBron's perfect running mate. Perfect Scottie Pippen. You know, if you really look at it, Melo would be LeBron's perfect Pippen. He really is. If you look at pictures and videos of Pippen and Michael Jordan together, they're always happy, talking, having fun -- it's the same, exact way Melo and LeBron act together.

Playing wise, he's more perfect. LeBron would be looking for someone to put the ball in the basket and that's what Melo is all over. The prototypical passer with the prototypical scorer.

LeBron will pick loyal over youth.

And more likely, Melo would stay long-term in Cleveland, with LeBron, instead of young buck.

It's amazing how this situation sets up so perfect, for Irving to get traded to the Knicks. Melo wants out. Melo would prefer to go to the Cavs. The NBA Draft is over, which would've made it impossible for the Knicks since other offers would've been out there. Most offseason moves are done, with most teams have already done their moves; OH WAIT! There's one team that's suppose to make a deal that hasn't been done yet - the Knicks trading Melo! Again - I wonder why.

Yankees Are in Well Position to Make a Significant Trade

daspost.png The Yankees are actually well positioned to make a trade that'll really help this team. As for acquiring someone like Sonny Gray -- I don't know about that.

Nor do I think the Yankees need to get a pitcher like Gray.

If the Yankees are gonna get a big starter, it's gotta be a lefty. Now, Jose Quintana would've that pitcher, if he would've never gotten trade to the Chicago Cubs. A top of the rotation lefty who'll surpass Masahiro Tanaka as the ace and a controlled contract, that would've been a safety net incase Tanaka opts out.

But if they can't get a lefty, then they just need to get a solid, veteran, who can eat up innings and keep the offense in the game. Like, a Justin Verlander.

Verlander would be perfect. I don't think will cost the Yankees much, as in prospects - just money. They'll just have to take his $56 million remaining for 2018 and 19, plus he has a $22 million dollar vest option that can only be picked up if he's on the top-5 category for the Cy Young in 2019.

If the Yankees can get Verlander, it'll cost them only money and still have prospects to trade for a reliever or first baseman.

(Sonny) Gray is a great pitcher; don't get me wrong. But he's not un-hittable. Would love to get him, but the Oakland Athletics are gonna ask the world for him, since he's only 27-years-old, getting paid nothing and Billy Beane will never trade him to the Yankees unless he gets Clint Frazier or Gleyber Torres in return. And that's not gonna happen.

Yankees and Athletics hardly ever make big trades, anyways.

I can see a reunion for the Yankees and David Robertson.

Robertson is having a very good year for the Chicago White Sox, with a 2.78 era in 30-games. He's got $13 million dollars remaining for 2018. Yankees won't have to give up a major prospect, but will have to give up 'something'. White Sox don't have to trade him and $13 mill isn't a lot to take for another season.

If the Yankees can add Robertson in the 7th inning role, with Dellin Betances and (a struggling) Aroldis Chapman, that will absolutely strengthen the bullpen and shorten games for their starters, again, just like the days when they had Andrew Miller.

I hate to say this, but if something happens to Chapman, where he can no longer pitch, Robertson becomes a major safety net. Chapman has already been on the D.L and - like I said - struggling.

I did say the Athletics and Yankees never make big trades, however Oakland's first baseman, Yonder Alonso, might break the 'big trade' drought.

Alonso, is 30-years-old and will be a free agent this coming offseason. With his age and contract, I'd guess the Athletics wouldn't mind giving him away for something or anything. So I can see this trade happening between the Athletics and Yanks.

Even though Alonso has 21-homeruns and 44-RBIs, be cautious - because this is his only season where he's hit over 10 homers.

Not only the Yankees are scouting Robertson, but they're also scouting his teammate Todd Frazier.

The question is, where would Frazier play?

I guess they would play him at third, then move Headley to first.

Not only the Yankees are in on Frazier, their rivals Boston Red Sox are as well. Maybe even closer to acquiring him. Although they're still saying the Yankees are in on him.

I wonder if Frazier, a New Jersey native, would really be okay getting traded to Boston of all places.

Rather see him in pinstripes. Love to have locals on the Yankees.

Martin Prado, a player the Yankees once acquired right on the July 31st deadline in 2014.

His numbers with the Yankees in those two months and 37-games: 7-homeruns, 16-RBIs and batted .316. Not bad.

Although this season with the Miami Marlins has only 2-homeruns, 12-RBIs and batting .254, but all this in only 36-games.

At 33-years-old, the Yankees can get him for cheap, I believe. Especially when he's gonna make $28 million for the next two seasons.

Yankees: Thrilla and a Winner

Sorry, I couldn't find anything that rhymed with Manilla. I tired, okay! Jeez... daspost.png

And I'm sorry if you miss this moment for rookie Clint Frazier, who had a walkoff three-run homerun in the ninth, to go along with his 3-for-4 day, with a triple and 4 RBIs, in a 5-3 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

When he was up in the plate in the ninth, it just felt, the right to win this game is for Frazier to end this game. And boy, did he end it, with the quickest line drive homerun, I've ever seen.

You know when Aaron Judge or Gary Sanchez hit a homerun, you can see the ball go off the bat. With Frazier's homerun, it was like someone fast forwarded his swing. His bat speed is so quick, I didn't even see the ball hit his bat.

At first, I thought it was gonna be off the wall for a double or go over the outfielder's head; the ball left the bat so quickly I didn't think homerun. That's how quick it was. Would love to know the exist velocity on that homerun.


Frazier hit that walkoff homerun, with such confidence.

The whole at-bat was pretty impressive for a 22-year-old. The way he took that first pitch curveball from closer Cory Knebel, whose got nasty stuff; almost like Frazier knew that pitch was coming. Although he must've been sitting dead red on a fastball, which he clearly was.

Then the way his hammers that 0-1 fastball, as if -- like the first pitch -- he knew what was coming and confidently watches the ball go out. For a rookie whose played in only six games, to come up in a clutch situation, in a much needed win for the New York Yankees and have that type of at-bat like he's done this multiple times, is special to see.

Frazier's body language in that at-bat, said: 'This 0-1 pitch is gonna be a 97-mph fastball, I'm gonna hit out and we're going home with a win.'

Before the ninth inning, Frazier was already have a decent day, going 2-for-3 with a single and triple. But he came up in the ninth, I just felt something special was gonna happen. The day was made for Frazier.



Not only the Yankees get a big win, they got six shutout innings from Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman, who've been struggling.

Chapman, I wasn't too worried about since he just came off the D.L.. As for Betances, I was a little worried because he was losing the strikezone. Although today he looked like the old Betances; making hitters look foolish with his breaking ball, again, looking aggressive and pounding the strikezone.


Yankees win and the Boston Red Sox lose to the Tampa Bay Rays, 1-0, so that the Yankees are 3.5 games back in the A.L. East. Yankees need to win tomorrow, so they can at least go into Boston on Friday being 3.5 games back only or maybe less.

Why is an Injured Gary Sanchez Participating in the Homerun Derby?

The guy already pulled his bicep earlier in the season, he's now playing with a "lingering" groin - says the manager Joe Girardi - so why in the world is Gary Sanchez in the homerun derby? daspost

The Yankees, who are so careful with their players, decided, 'what the hell' let's put Sanchez in the homerun derby.  And for what!?

You would think the Yankees be more careful and considered about this team being healthy for the second so we can get into the playoffs. But no. They don't want one name appearing the derby, they want two.

The only Yankee I heard participating in the Homerun Derby, is Aaron Judge. Through this whole time they were waiting for his approval and all that crap. I didn't hear not one word about Sanchez being part of it; and rightly so, since he's a catcher who needs rest and - like I said - has already pulled muscles in his body, this season.

But when that day came where Judge announced he was gonna be in the derby, Sanchez jumped in and said: 'yea, me too! I wanna pull another muscle!'

I didn't even want Judge in it. I don't wanna NONE of my Yankee players involved in this. I want them RESTED and ready to go for the second half.

I guess the Yankees wanted another player participating, to have another names of theirs being mentioned and seen on national television. I understand it's a business. Yankees are trying to get the baby bombers known more. But Judge is enough. You don't need Sanchez as well, whose been injury prone this season.

Right now, Sanchez is dealing with a groin issue; Girardi even told Sanchez not to run hard to first base. If that's the case, why would you put in a pointless competition, where he's gonna need to use every part of his muscle to pull homeruns. It makes zero sense.

I really hope Sanchez loses in the first round.

I couldn't careless about the homerun derby. I'll be more excited to watch Judge and Sanchez playing in a A.L.C.S.

Betances & Chapman Just Haven't Pitch Many Games

While people are questioning the struggles of Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman, the answer is pretty simple. They haven't been pitching in many games. daspost.png

Maybe it's tough to make that excuse to Betances, but Chapman just came off the disable list.

Chapman missed most of May and the beginning of June. That's almost rebooting your whole mid-season form. Right now, he's pitching like he's in the middle of spring training. And since he's return, he's only pitched seven games. Not much.

I've noticed Chapman's slider hasn't been sharp, since coming off the D.L in June 18th. He needs that pitch, just as much as he needs that fastball.

So we gotta give Chapman a past. You're throwing him into the fire in a pennant chase, in mid July, while he hasn't pitched in nearly two months.

Last night's 6-3 win against the Toronto Blue Jays, Chapman pitched the ninth in a 6-1 lead and gave up 2 runs in 3 hits. It wasn't a save situation but manager Joe Girardi had to give him work.

Same goes for Betances - he hasn't been getting much work.

In this first half to the Yankee season, when the Yankees were on fire, winning every game, they were scoring nearly 10 runs a game. They hardly needed Betances in those games.

Last year in July 3th, Betances already pitched in 41 games. But in July 3th of this year, he's only pitched in 30 games. Also he's had lots of long layoffs.

In April, he has a layoff from April 16th to 22nd. Then in June, there was a stretch where he didn't pitch from June 15th through the 21st.

The best thing for both Betances and Chapman is to continue to throw them out there. You have to. The Yankees will either make the or miss the postseason with those two. That's just the way it goes.

If you asked me if there's anything to mechanically fix, I'd say Betances needs to learn how to get outs, when he doesn't have the strikeout pitch. He's got to learn how to get the ground ball out; pounding a batter in the hands for a groundout to first or make the batter popup for an out.

As for Chapman, he needs to learn how to throw that slider more. He's got a good one, too. If he can place that slider down and in to right-handed batters, just like Andrew Miller does, he could be even more dominant.

Rondo Fits The Knicks So Perfect, They Won't Need to trade Melo

In all the years Carmelo Anthony has been a Knick, there was one point-guard that was such a perfect fit for Anthony's game, but that one point-guard was hard to get since he was already playing for a team. daspost

At that point-guard was on the trading block, but the Knicks didn't have enough assets to get him.

Last offseason the Knicks had a chance to get him since he was free agent, like he is now, although his style of game didn't fit our system...

But now with that system officially gone and that point-guard, by the name of Rajon Rondo, is a free agent, the New York Knicks should get him.

They're reports that the Knicks have interest in Rondo. How high are they for him? We don't know.

They also have interest for other point-guards as well, but Rondo is the right one.

Ever since Melo became a Knick, Rondo has always been the right one. Now that the Knicks have a 7-foot 3 unicorn, now I'd want him more than ever.

Not just because of his championship pedigree and playoff experience, but he's such a perfect fit for Melo. Rondo is prototypical pass-first point-guard and assist genius, while Melo is prototypical scoring guard and scoring genius. You put those two together, you have yourself a pretty tough tandem in the NBA.

Then when you add Kristaps Porzingis to the mix, alongside Melo, we might see Rondo have double-digit assist, every night.

We all know Rondo has gotten into a bit of drama in teams he's been on, but I really feel if he gets to play with Melo and Porzingis and playing in the most famous arena in the world, I think we'll get the best out of Rondo.

And if he does sign with the Knicks, he might not get to play with Melo, since the Knicks are still interested in trading him. I personally think they should keep Melo since he's only two years left on his contract and I feel like he'll turn it around or realize that his is Porzingis' team and give him the floor.

But if Rondo doesn't get to play with Melo and only Porzingis, that's still pretty good. With the things Porzingis can do with his height and athleticism, Rondo would have a field day with a player like that.

With Rondo, Melo and Porzingis, the Knicks will make the playoffs. No question about it. It's not like Melo, Porzingis and Derrick Rose, since Rose didn't even seem to want to play with the rest of his teammates. Nor did he facilitate the basketball.

The last time the Knicks had a proven point-guard, with championship/playoff experience, was Jason Kidd. He wasn't a starting point-guard in that 2012-23 season, but he gave that Knick team -- which was the last time the Knicks made the playoffs -- leadership, as they rolled to the playoffs as a second seed team.

Would Rondo provide that leadership, like Kidd did? I think he can. Not only he can be a leader on the team, he can take the Knicks newest draft pick, Frank Ntilikina.

The Knicks have stated that they want a veteran point-guard to guide Ntilikina. Who better than a defensive point-guard like Rondo, which is what Ntilikina is.

How perfect would it be with Melo guiding Porzingis and Rondo doing the same to Ntilikina.

The one thing Melo never had, in his tenure in New York, was a point-guard. Someone who can quarterback the team, instead of him taking up the ball up the court, then having to score every time. Really -- he's never had a point-guard to play with. From Chauncey Billups, Jeremy Lin, Raymond Felton, Jose Calderon, Derrick Rose - who was the biggest name, but not a real point-guard.

Give Melo a chance and give him Rondo.

If you look at this Knick team, it doesn't need that much change. It just needs a true point-guard. That's all. The Knicks were a couple of games over .500 in the beginning of the season, then they collapse. They have shot to be good; especially in this eastern conference.

Porzingis & Melo Don't Wanna Win Championships; Klay for Porzingis?

Maybe Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis don't wanna play for Phil Jackson because they're not interested in winning a championship. daspost.png

After watching Jackson's live interview on the MSG Network, tonight, I've gone to realization that Porzingis and Anthony don't wanna become a championship team. Us Knick fans ramble and scream about the organization, when we aren't looking at the players who come here to play.

In this interview, when Jackson said in his 25-years of being in the league he's never seen a player come to an exit meeting - from all the players he's coached - that's alarming. That tells me a lot about Porzingis. Jackson, as a coach, had two of the most cocky, arrogant, jerkiest personalities to play for him, in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And they both played for Phil and won championshipS with Phil -- and loved him.

But this 21-year-old, who hasn't done squat, is gonna complain and hate playing under a coach who eleven rings and coached the greatest player ever?

I love Carmelo Anthony. I want him to win a title here in the worst way. But I have to be honest -- he's gotten several coaches fired in his career, hasn't done anything with the Knicks besides one deep playoff run that ended in the second round, and, he too, doesn't wanna play for Phil Jackson?!

Who do these guys think they are?

Do these guys realize that Jordan never won a title until Jackson coached the Chicago Bulls. Do they know that Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal never became the dominant tandem and champions, until Jackson began coaching the Los Angeles Lakers? And mind you, Bryant and Shaq HATED EACH OTHER and still won titles with them.

I think Porzingis and Anthony don't wanna become a championship team.

In order to win or become winners and win titles in the NBA, you have to buy into the system. Are they here to win or be in photo shoots, magazine covers and build brands.

Jackson is witnessing Porzingis become a fame monster and not a monster on the court. Jackson must know, from all his years of coaching, that if this kid misses important meetings but want to film an ESPN E 60 about his two season NBA career, he might become an issue -- or a bust.

I didn't think Jackson and the Knicks were really serious about trading Porzingis. When Jackson said "we like Porzingis but we have to do what's right for our club", it sounded like Jackson doesn't like this kid very much.

I guess owner James Dolan is giving Jackson the keys to the ship.

Now they have to trade Porzingis. Unless Porzingis apologizes and is all for what Jackson is preaching, he's got to go. That's a toxic environment to have Porzingis on the team after the team president is willing to deal you. Especially when he thinks a player isn't right for the club.

It's safe to say Jackson isn't here just for the money. He's trying to make things run right.


Yes, it sounds like a crazy, delusional trade proposal, but hear me out.

Klay Thompson might wanna become a star on his own team, soon. With Kevin Durant already winning a title for Golden State, there's no need for Thompson on the Warriors.

If the Knicks are gonna trade Porzingis, why not ask the championship Warriors for their great shooting guard, in Thompson.

First off, the Warriors may not need Thompson anymore with Durant there, I think Thompson might want to have his own team and the Warriors could use a young, athletic 7-footer to protect the rim. And Porzingis would be great in Golden State. Stephen Curry would open up the floor for him.

Jackson and coach Steve Kerr have a relationship with each other. They can make a trade like this happen.

Thompson would be great on the Knicks, who are in the east coast, where it'll be easy for him to win. A place where he can be a god, if he ever won a title.

If the Knicks have chance to trade a top talent like Porzingis, go for the big time. Go get Klay Thompson. If Jackson did that, I wonder if fans would continue to bash him.